Supporting Non-Profit and Community-based Youth Initiatives:  Throughout my entire adulthood, I have valued volunteerism especially that of community service. I partner with non-profits and community organizations to promote college access for all students, regardless of their backgrounds or challenges.

2015 Presentations:

* NACAC Essentials - Ft. Worth ISD - Feb. 6th Middle School Counselors Promoting College Awareness

* NACAC Critical Components #15 - Austin May 28th Students with Learning Disabilities Connecting to College and Career

* TEXAS Region 13 - Austin - October 8th Moving Students toward their best Post-Secondary Options

On-going Presentations:

  • Mobilizing and Training Community Volunteers to Assist Students with the College Awareness and the College Admission Process

  • In-service Presentations and Guidance for Middle and High School Counselors

  • Identify Student Strengths - Building Confidence and Resiliency

  • Parent Presentations for Middle School

  • Parent Presentations for High School

  • Understanding Financial Aid Practices - Federal and Institutional Priorities

  • First Year Hot Topics - Staying Well and Keeping Safe

  • Learning Style and Personality Assessments

  • Student Group Presentations

  • College Admissions Boot Camps

*Hourly or Comprehensive Plan Rates Available

"If we all approached each client and every situation as Pat does, we would be the organization that we hope to be."