I admit I was feeling pressured when it came time for my son to apply to college. Have we done enough to prepare him? Are his scores high enough? How will we afford it? The last thing I wanted to do was heap my stress on top my kiddo’s. Pat was an answer to my prayers! Our time with her saved us from making costly mistakes and eased our worries. The picture she paints is very different then what you hear during school-sponsored briefings, and it proved spot-on. I appreciated how frank she was with our son about where he stood in relation to his peers, and how she was able to quickly assess his learning style and talents. It was clear that my son appreciated these qualities too, because he followed her advice without our prompting! Getting students to stretch beyond their perceived limits while boosting their confidence is a balancing act performed by only the most gifted educators. Pat is one of those gifted teachers - My only wish is that we had involved her in the process before senior year!


You went above and beyond for us. Your help was truly an answer to my prayers, and it meant so much to our son. Now that we are into the school year, he is very glad he followed your advice as he is actually enjoying his calculus and engineering classes. You also helped him see that his low calculus grade last year was not a “failure,” which I know boosted his confidence. Academically he has always kind of slipped through the cracks because he’s introverted and never connected with his teachers as well as he did with his coaches. Anyway, that is the background for me telling you what was a big deal is that you pointed out his academic strengths while giving him the honest perspective on grade inflation.  Obviously you have a gift for pushing students to be their best without breaking their confidence or overwhelming them.  You provided exactly the kind of feedback he needed. In case you can’t tell, I am one grateful mom! October 2017


Thank you for providing us with the most valuable help, guidance and advice throughout this whole process. You guided us patiently through this overwhelming maze, and your guidance was above and beyond what we hoped and expected to receive. And we hope to stay in touch with you. May 2018


Thank you for your profound work with our son in his journey to higher education. Your kindness, professionalism, and diligence went beyond our highest hopes and we sincerely appreciate all you have done. JB, MD May 2018

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"Our family worked with Pat Nehme during the school year. She helped us determine the right mix of colleges to look into and introduced us to some new colleges too. She explained the different applications and their timing, what we needed from our high school and how to get it. She reviewed all our documents before we submitted them. Pat met with our son on a regular basis to keep him on track and motivated. Her knowledge of the NCAA helped us manage that system too. At the end when all applications were in and acceptances came, she helped us review them from both an academic and financial perspective.
Pat provided tremendous insight into a process that we knew nothing about and she kept us on track and feeling comfortable that we had all our ducks in a row. She is extremely dedicated with great attention to detail. We always felt that our son’s needs were important to her and that she was there for us no matter how trivial the question seemed. She truly made the whole process less daunting and helped things run more smoothly. We highly recommend Pat’s services and have and will continue to refer her."    
- Tom and Marissa
"We want to thank you so much! We just heard back and our son has a full scholarship based on your advice about the adoption law after age 13. My husband had called and the school said they were sorry but he didn't qualify for financial aid. Mark told them our son gotten aid at a similar college because of the law, but the financial aid lady said she had never heard of such a law. She said she would check. Well, several hours later she called back and apologized profusely. She said she learned something new and informed us they wanted to offer our son a full ride to school! Praise God for you Pat, this is huge for our family. We can now send all our older adopted kids to college. We are currently able to go back to adopt one more older child because of the money we saved on college costs. How can we thank you enough for a gift like this. We do not have the words! Thank you, thank you."    
- Rhonda
"I remember after his freshman year, I told you that he was going to get drafted before his time at school was over.  Well, last month he was selected in the 20th round of the MLB draft and he is currently on one of their farm teams. He was four times named all-conference, twice named all-region, and he capped his career with a 2nd team All-America selection this spring. He was our conference’s player of the year this spring and also the conference’s Man of the Year, the highest honor any individual can receive. I cannot thank you enough for mentioning him to me when you were in town for our fly in program!  He has been great for our program and community but has now opened great roads for our Central Texas recruiting."    
- Coach
"Patricia’s ability to work with students is unparalleled, and it is because of her desire to make a positive difference on their lives. I regularly received unsolicited praise from students who commend Patricia’s outstanding level of service, professionalism and follow-through."
- Yusuf A. Abdullah, AchieveMPLS Career and College Center Coordinator
"Our son checked in the dorm August 11. He has been practicing with the marching band from 8:30am until 10:00pm. HE LOVES IT! His roommate is perfect for him. Thank you for all you have done for us! "   
- Linda
"I just wanted to send you a quick email letting you know that I think about you quite often and mentally thank you for all you did for me! I am so happy. This is the perfect school for me and I never would have known about it without you! I am still an entrepreneurship major, and I added a dance major last spring. I am choreographing in two concerts next semester and dancing in them both as well. My classes are going well, I have loved all of my business courses and am doing well in them. I miss our talks and I hope everything on your end is going well!"   
- Miranda
""Our daughter graduated in May with a Bachelor of Music.  She was accepted into a grad program for the accelerated master’s in education.  We are so proud of her!  Her senior solo violin recital was just incredible.  She has advanced in her playing and developed teaching skills.  She has found she likes teaching beginners at the 5th/6th grade level.  This past semester she started teaching private lessons."    
- Donna