NOTE - NEW REGISTRATION DEADLINES FOR AP EXAMS - EARLY FALL - I’m homeschooled. How can I take an AP Exam?

Students and parents can’t order AP Exams directly, but you should be able to arrange to take the exam at a nearby high school that administers them.

Your first step is to contact AP Services for Students at 888-225-5427 (toll free in the United States and Canada) or 212-632-1780 or Ask that office for contact information for local AP coordinators who can help you arrange to take the exam at their school. We recommend you contact AP Services for Students by September 4 to register for May exams.

Once you have a list of AP coordinators, your next step is to contact them and ask them to help you arrange to test at their school. We recommend you contact AP coordinators by October 4.

When you find a school willing to administer your exams, that school’s AP coordinator is responsible for ordering your exam materials, telling you when and where to report for the exams, and collecting the exam fees.


Supporting the Homeschool Student - Assisting families who homeschool is particularly rewarding for me. These students have a tremendous opportunity to create unique educational paths that support family values and to optimize time for development of particular talents while completing rigorous coursework, independent projects and research. As an educational consultant, I partner with families in presenting options for course validation, in fine-tuning documentation for college admission, and in understanding the homeschool nuances particular to the college or university along with the navigation each college admission process.

  • Learn more here about the history of homeschooling and current day statistics

  • Articulating family homeschooling philosophy and creating the homeschool profile

  • Determining the Homeschool Continuum

  • Understanding State Laws and Higher Education Requirements

  • Guidance with Recommendations

  • Standardized Testing Protocols

  • Academic Reporting and Transcript Checks

  • Particular University Requirements

  • College Admission Application Process - includes online software account to manage process

  • Learning and Personality Assessments - Murphy Meisgier (MMTIC) Assesment based on Myers Briggs

  • First Year Transition Session - Matriculating to College

  • Internships, Community Service and Volunteerism, Special Programs 

*Hourly or Comprehensive Plan Rates Available

Thank you for your encouragement and guidance in preparing me for the college admission process. Dara